Top 10 “Fortify” reasons to join us at the Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit, June 11 to 13 in Dallas


Here are the top 10 “Fortify” reasons to join us at this event!

  1. Meet with Fortify Product Management to stay in lock step with the direction of the products. 
  2. Provide feedback and guidance of what’s top of mind for you and hear from other top customers regarding issues to compare notes!  This is what drives our R&D!
  3. Hear and see real life examples from Fortify customers on how to continue to enhance a Software Security Assurance Program with agility, scalability, automation & enterprise reporting.
  4. See the latest demos of the products – capabilities/benefits – SAST and DAST to further “shift left”.
  5. Hear the latest trends from our Software Security Research Team and how to address those issues.
  6. Hear the latest trends and approaches from Sonatype regarding open source frameworks and libraries and how to address them at scale.
  7. Network with your peers to have 1:1 conversations to hear lessons learned so you can save time, effort and $’s extending the usage of Fortify. These relationships become long lasting!
  8. Hear from Micro Focus Executive Management of how we are investing for the future and looking to parlay technology from other products into the existing suite to provide more value to you.
  9. How to drive continuous developer security training with Gamification: Secure Code Warrior will share their solution along with real life user stories.
  10. It’s FREE! No charge for customers to attend the event!

Attached you’ll find a document with a list of the key Fortify sessions being held at the event. Note that some of these are still being updated on the registration site.


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