How to add new file extensions in Fortify SCA


SCA support numerous languages and define the supported extensions in file.

If a certain language extensions are not listed as recognized on SCA but compatible with the SCA supported one, we can add new extension as supported file extensions with the following steps:

1. Back up the file which is located in the <sca_install_dir>/Core/config directory

2.In the file,

add the file type "<file extension> " into the parameter []:,rb,erb,jsp,jspx,jspf,tag,tagx,tld,sql,cfm,php,phtml,ctp,pks,pkh,pkb,xml,config,Config,settings,properties,dll,exe,winmd,cs,vb,asax,ascx,ashx,asmx,aspx,master,Master,xaml,baml,cshtml,vbhtml,inc,asp,vbscript,js,jsx,ini,bas,cls,vbs,frm,ctl,html,htm,xsd,wsdd,xmi,py,cfml,cfc,abap,xhtml,cpx,xcfg,jsff,as,mxml,cbl,cscfg,csdef,wadcfg,wadcfgx,appxmanifest,wsdl,plist,bsp,ABAP,BSP,swift,page,trigger,scala,ts,tsx,conf,json,yaml,yml,go,kt,kts,Dockerfile,dockerfile, <file extension>

3.Mapping the file type "<file extension> " to the compatible language

In the File Extension definition part, add the following setting:<file extension> = <Compatible language>

• 4. Save the file

Please note, the new language should be compatible with the SCA supported ones, otherwise SCA can't perform translation successfully for the new language.


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