User creation problem through Delimited driver in IDM 4.8

Hy Team,

i am trying to create the user by the use of delimited driver. when i put the .csv file in the input path , only the first user in input file is created in ID vault although i put the multiple user value but the driver will check only the 1 st row value .it dont check the other values.i put the unique association value for each unique user.


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  • Awesome, good to know.  I assume it is this bug referenced in the Readme on the patch:


    Bug 1158617 - The Delimited Text driver is successfully processing the input XML file in the publisher channel.


    Love it, does not say it is about multiline files. And the bugs linked suggest XML only, but I guess there was overlap in the bug and the fix.

    Thanks for letting us know on this one!

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