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How to improve usability for Access Request searches

Status : New Idea
7 months ago
  1. Issue: With multiple ways of searching I have seen end users with request only access to be confused when using the Requests > Browse page.
    1. Suggestion: The first search could be made to be an advanced search that is expanded when clicking on an "Advanced Search" link. The advanced search would allow for limiting what will be searched for and using the advanced filtering capabilities.
  2. Issue: The second search has the Application and Roles (Technical Roles) tabs. End users will not intuitively know what a Role in IG is.


  1. On the Applications tab, allow there to be 3 options below the application name. For requesting a user Application Account, Application Permissions and Technical Roles. This will allow end users to see what can be requested to get access to that application.  They can easily see the different options for getting access to the application.  Only show the items that are request able here. For instance if an Account and Technical Roles are not request able, then only the Application Permissions will show up for that application. If the Account and no individual Permissions are request able then only the Technical Roles that have the Application Permissions will show up.
  2. Add a new tab that represents how the applications can be grouped in general areas, which are definable by the business, to help find applications. For instance there might be a category for Finance, where the finance related applications would be specified. Another area could be Human Resources, where you would have the HR and training systems. This would allow some flexibility to finding the applications. I would imagine the application specific access would then be displayed as suggested in 2A above.