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Track approvals by the requester user

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
The requester user should be able to see who is next approver and also, if the approval process is more than 1 level, if the request was already approved by the 1st level of approver, the requester user can see the status/ track. In 3.0 version, the requester user can only see that the request has an approval pending.


  • In the consolidated access request and approval component, it will be important to include the name/description of each step in the process. One of the things that was lost in the new dashboard for Identity Manager was the activity name/ID showing in the comment history. This has made tracking the progress of the request workflow more difficult as the progression of each activity can be seen,  but the name of each activity is missing.

    In the consolidated access request and approval component, it would be good to see not only to whom an approval is assigned, but a relevant name of the approval such as "HR approval". Depending on how the consolidated component works, the names of intermediate steps may also be useful in troubleshooting.

  • This will be considered in the implementation of the consolidated access request and approval component
  • I would apply the functionality that we have on IDM to IG UI as well.
  • at least as an option - you could argue with security reasons not to show this. There should also be an option for a user to see and search what he himself did approve.