Identity Manager Licensing and Entitlement Driver association


Does the IDM Entitlement Driver count for Licensing purposes?

We have users who are not synchronized with IDM with any system or application, but have an association with the Entitlements driver. This would cause that user to be counted as an active IDM user?


José Luis

  • The entitlement service driver is still available however we are encouraging strongly the move to Roles and Resources in advanced edition. If you have been migrated to the "Per-Managed-IDentity" model of licensing, the objects would not count against your license if;

    1. They are inactive
    2. they have not been accessed in >120 days.


  • Hi,

    The customer is in the "old" licensing model.

    My doubt is in the concept of inactive user in IDM. In an eDirectory that is not used for authentication, only as a Metadirectory, the user never login. It would be said in that case that the object has not been modified within 120 days?

    If the user is in a "inactive" OU and with loginDisabled=TRUE, would it be enough independently of the driver associations it has?


    José Luis

  • Verified Answer

    The older licensing model, per-user, should definitely be migrated to the newer model in favor of per-managed identity (assuming of course they are not FTES). The per-managed identity model has been around for more than 7 years now and is much more favorable in this specific case.

    If they are on the old model, you would want to count any driver and the one with the highest number of associations is the amount of license they should own. So, if the ESD has the highest number of associations, that is the number of licenses they should own.