Modify event not being detected by engine on second server

Hi folks,

I have an interesting issue with one of my customers.

Here is the config:

  • Two server tree
  • Running on Red Hat 6.5
  • eDirectory 9.0.4 on both
  • IDM 4.6 on both
  • Both servers have copies of all replicas
  • eDirectory appears to be healthy
  • Null Business logic driver running on server1
  • Delimited Text driver running on server2 
  • All traces are running at level 3


  1. User is being modified by a source system causing a multi valued case ignore attribute custCategory to have some of it's values to be removed by the business logic driver.
  2. Later on in the thread on the business logic driver,  the user to be moved to a different container.


The delimited text driver has custCategory set to sync on the subscriber channel in the driver filter, however the driver does not see the modify transaction for custCategory.  It does see the move (and the driver performs a sync from move)

I don't see anything in the log file of the Delimited Text driver at the time when custCategory is modified. 

Checking the values in iMonitor reveal that both servers have processed the change to custCategory.

My delimited text driver is a subscriber only (dumb output to a file that is then processed by the application) so the sync does does not (and cannot) evaluate the correct value for custCategory, so I have essentially lost the remove values transaction.

If I modify the attribute manually via LDAP on server1, within a few seconds server2 picks up the transaction as expected.


The problem seems to be related to the change then move sequence of events.  Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour?

Other than moving the Delimited Text driver to server1, anyone any ideas on how I can remedy this?