Groups not being created in correct OU - mirrored sync

Hello: I have changed my eDir-to-AD one-way sync'ing from the subscriber being flat to being mirrored. When I ran this change my eDir OUs were created properly. Users were not recreated as they already had IDM Oject ID. I just moved the users to the newly mirrored OUs. However, any groups that I had in eDir, no matter where in the tree they were located, were recreated under my main OU in AD. This created duplicate group objects in AD, one in the old flat structure and a new one in the new mirrored structure. I was able to fix this. I checked and all the groups had an IDM Object ID's in Edir so I don't understand why the groups acted differently than user objects.

I hope I explained this well enough to make some sense. Any ideas? Chris.