Different REST credentials per channel

Is there a way to use different credentials for subscriber and publisher channel in REST driver? Target system enforces the use of different credentials for import and export operations. I did not see support for this in the driver-operation-data.

I tried adding basic authorization header with encoded credentials but no success, even with curl.

All help and opinions welcome.

  • I checked what the driver is really doing when i add a basic authorization header with credentials.

    When driver authentication is set to anonymous the driver is overwriting the authorization header with an empty one. When set to basic authentication the driver is writing another basic authentication header in addition to the one I added, resulting on non-functioning authentication.

    I would like to see an option where the driver does nothing to the authorization header since there may be multiple REST endpoints with different credentials.

    The quickest solution was to do a localhost apache proxy which matches the location and injects the correct authorization headers.

    Thanks again for your answers.

  • Can you create an idea about this, could be picked up as an enhancement request.
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