Unable to start Approval Workflow - java.rmi.RemoteException

Just completed upgrade to 4.8.2 and see the following error when doing a role request

<status event-id="chi-qaidmv3l#20201023181327#1#1:43cdc09a-734a-42f7-9c2b-9ac0cd434a73" level="error">Thread ID:41400 Unable to start Approval Workflow
Workflow DN: cn=PVTB Role Application Approval,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=Driver Set,o=services
Reason: java.rmi.RemoteException: element not present{http://www.novell.com/provisioning/service:startWithCorrelationIdResponse}; nested exception is:
java.io.EOFException: element not present{http://www.novell.com/provisioning/service:startWithCorrelationIdResponse}</status>
<status event-id="chi-qaidmv3l#20201023181327#1#1:43cdc09a-734a-42f7-9c2b-9ac0cd434a73" level="success">Thread ID:41400 Transitioned request status from 0 to 13
DN: O=services\CN=Driver Set\CN=UserApplication\CN=AppConfig\CN=RoleConfig\CN=Requests\CN=20201023131327-3daadea888da4e6591859c2b4bc476e9-0</status>


Has anyone experienced this before?

  • Hi
    The upgrade is from what version?
  • This actually gave a good error, which is specifically meant as a slam on how the UA gives errors to SOAP calls. (Drives me nuts, you get the exception of being unable to handle the specific error, in SOAP response, not the specific error, which would be useful! Argh!)

    Anyway, it is saying, element not present.  Which elelement?  Now that is asking too much.

    So you say it is making aa Role Request, and it appears it has a required Approval.  So I would look at the Role, see which Workflow is the Approver,  Try to start that workflow.  See what fields it requires (Workflow, Show Data Item Mappings, Start item, Post-Activity - every field there needs to be passed by the SOAP call to the Start Woorkflow.  Likely you are missing something here).

    Or else there is a 4.8.2 bug where the Start Wofklow RRSD does, when it sees an approval is needed is now incomplete. Who knows.  Look at your end first.