How to Manage Distribution List with Azure AD Driver on Hybrid Mode

I am developing Azure AD driver on Hibrid mode for the first time. My environment is IDM 4.7.3 and Azure AD Driver 5.1.1.

I have successfully managed licenses and roles using entitlements associated with resources objects. Thats works fine.

User management in hybrid mode is synchronized in Azure via the AD driver and then replicated to the cloud using the Azure AD connect service. That´s work fine as wel.

My problem is with group management. I am not understanding correctly how the driver would be working or how I should make it work.

If I create a group in eDirectory the AD driver will synchronize it in Active Directory on-premize and then the Azure AD connect service will replicate it in the cloud, but this group is createad as a "security group".

My question is how or what should I do to create distribution lists (not security groups) and manage them.
Security groups works for me, but how should I do to manage distribution lists?

I have no previous experience with this type of connector and would appreciate if someone shares me how to do it.