Support for Azure DevOps Git Repo


NetIQ Designer 
Version: 4.8.1
Build id: 20200515


We use Azure DevOps for internal development, so I am wondering has anyone tried to push changes to AzureDevOps Git Repo from NetIQ Designer?'


I was able to add local repo (already setup using "Git for Windows" )  to NetIQ Designer, but when I try push from designer,  it asks med  username and password dialogue box, AzureDevOps uses AzureAD as authentication, but not sure how to get this authentication to go around here?




  • I managed to clone repo with Azure DevOps but one issue is that when i build package, and select Git, it does not chooses folder, and it generate .buil .jar file root of the repo :).  creating a bit mess,  is it possible to choose folder of clones repo where to store build?