4.7.3 opening prd from javascript

In the earlier version of User Application (4.7.0 and before) using IDMProv we could open a PRD from javascript by calling window.location(<PRD link with Query Parameters>) this not longer works when the PRDs are opened in the same window as idmdash runs.

We have no issues opening new PRDs when the process starts with a PRD from the tiles. But now I have an approval workflow that wants to open a PRD for further action. This does not longer work with calling:

https://<user app>/IDMProv/requestForm.do?PersonId=<some value>&ContextId=<some other value>&Caller=ContextSupplement&uid=cn=ContextUpdate,cn=requestdefs,cn=appconfig,cn=idv - ua01,cn=driver set,ou=idm,o=services&idmdash=true&aqua=true&recipient=&jsa={"submit":"submitThenOpener(3000)","cancel":"window.close()"}

Because this opens the PRD in the main window and not as an iframe in the idmdash window.

Anybody any thoughts on how to get this behavior in the idmdash framework?

  •  After a long morning trying and finding the solution lays in overwrite the SubmitThenOpener function. We already have our own functionality here because we don't like the default behavior. In this function you can open a PRD while still being in the tasks tab. The window to call is window in stead of window.parent what you need when in the Applications tab.