IDM_PowerShell_Service script with long execution time


I wonder if there are any known issues that may occur when calling a powershell script using the IDM_PowerShell_Service via AD-driver if the script takes a while to execute?


  • Is IDM_PowerShell_Service single threaded and all jobs are executed in a sequence?
  • Are there any timeouts that may trigger?

We plan to delete home directories using a powershell script, and need to take ownership of files, which might take a while (measured about 50 seconds for 10000 files). Also setting the ACL takes a while, and if two or three such jobs are queued, what may the conseqences be?

Thanks for your input!

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    I think the general answer is to use the scripting driver instead of AD PSExecute. When you have a long running job from a PSExecute command on an AD driver, your subscriber channel will be waiting until the Powershell command completes or errors out.

    But I have done similar things as you describe, and in that case I have either used created "job" files using Powershell or attribute flags on the user in AD and then I have had a separate Powershell script that either interates generated files or searches for users with certain attributes and then execute what is needed.

    So for example, generate a file using Powershell containing a predefined format, for instance Action and sAMAccountName as in "DeleteHomeFolder, MyUserName". And then a scheduled Powershell script that iterates these files and performs the deletion of home folders as a separate process from IDM.

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  • I second the vote for scripting driver. Have used both over the years. The powershell Service is far more limited.