Unable to sart "server name" for unkown reason

I install a new Active directory in Identity designer, deploy is successfully, after I start a driver it popup like unable to start 'server name' unknown reason


  • There can be several reasons for this.
    To know we would need a level 3 trace of the startup.
    One reasons could be that there is a gcv values missing for that server.
    But that is just a guess.
  • If you are starting this entire project from very whole cloth, then it is possible when you defined your Identity Vault, you skipped the step fo defining the Server you are connecting to.  In fact, I think the default is server name. 

    So in Designer, at the IDVault/tree box level (Modeler view, box in the center, Outline view, it is the name of the tree) and edit its properties.  Check that the LDAP info is correct.

    Then click on the side tab of that Properties for Server List.  Make sure your actual, real server is there. If not, import and pull it in.

    Then at the driver set level (Modeler view, the box inside the box at the center (has ying yang overlain on top of each other.  Get it?  One driver is a Ying/Yang.  One driverset holds many drivers, so many ying yangs) or in Outline view the name of the driver set) look at the properties, and again check the servers and see that your server is in use, not as available.