Administrator tab (In user Application) should not be visible to End user

I am currently using User Application  v4.6. I have noticed that:

1. Users who are in Employee container (in eDirectory) are able to see "Administration" tab once they login to User Application, while

2. Users who are in Contractors container are not able to see the "Administration" tab.

>>My aim is that neither employee nor contractors or any End user should be able to see  "Administration" tab.

Also I have a question:

1. How can employees are able to see Admin Tab and Not contractors?

2.In Order to perform above change what should I do ?

  • You need to look at the administrator assignments (In UA 4.6, this is still under the old IDMProv part of the product)

    Someone has most likely assigned the Employee container more rights than they should have from an IDM Apps perspective. The security model in IDM Apps can be hard to get your head around at times.