This is 4.7.1 on SLES12SP3.

I have a driver (not NetIQ) running as a RL and there were a bunch of
events in the driver cache it was processing.

I stopped the driver and disabled it, 0 events in the driver cache.

As soon as I started the driver again it started pumping commands to the RL.

Nothing was happening in the IDV and the driver cache was still empty.

So I found this directory that was 165MB,

Looking at the files I could see the IDM XML of the events.

So it seems we have two caches now, the regular driver cache that comes
before subscriber event transformation and a secondary that comes after
the output transformation.

How do we manage it?
I need a way to do the same things I can do with a regular driver cache
using the DirXML LDAP API:
* View the cache size, number of entries, type of events, oldest, newest
* Export entries from the cache
* Most important, empty the cache without resorting to rm -rf

Anyway, stopping the driver and deleting the zoomdb directory solved the
issue, the events were no longer being sent to the RL.


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