Removing nrfRequest objects and nrfResourceHistory attribute


We need to build a workaround for the RRSD cleanup of nrfRequest objects and the nrfResourceHistory attribute since the automatic cleanup affects the performance too much.

Does anyone know if there is any negative effects of doing the cleanup by other means, e.g. a Null-driver or LDAP?

We are thinking about scheduling a trigger job during the night that removes completed request objects and just clears the nrfResourceHistory attribute.

We are not using the Reporting Module or the DCS driver.


  • Hello,
    we had the same situation. Bad performance of the RRSD driver if the internal cleanup processing ist enabled. We disabled internal cleanup and the performance is much much better.
    After some discussions with Microfocus they say that is absolutely okay to do the cleanup with a separate driver. It has no negative effects.
    We use a Null Driver for this with a triggered job to cleanup nrfRequest and nrfResourceRequest objects.

    Best regards