Grooup is not creating through Fanout Driver

we have installed the core driver on the server, and installed the platform services .

we have tried to provision users and groups. User has been created but  we are unable to create group .

Is it possible the group sync along with the user ?

  • The first thing to check would be in iManager. Go to Roles and Tasks > Fan-Out Driver Configuration > Configure Platform Sets and select your Platform Set. (You will be prompted for the Core Driver address and port (default 3451) if you haven't yet set up the Fan-Out Driver iManager Plug-In.)

    The Platform Set will reference one or more Search Objects. Click the relevant Search Object and make sure the "Include Groups" checkbox is selected. Save the page with that box selected, and then try creating a group from the container that the Search Object covers.

    Let me know if that works.

    Sam Sampson
    NetIQ Identity Manager (Third-Party)