Issues Configuring Remote Loader Container 4.8.1

I'm having issues successfully configuring the remote loader docker container. It seems if I drop a config file in the /config/rdxml directory nothing by default picks it up. If you look at the /etc/init.d/rdxml script that runs as a part of the / it seems to still be looking in an /etc/opt/novell/dirxml/rdxml path for config files. Also, how do I set the remote loader and driver object passwords? I've been hacking away to get this to work, but somehow I feel I'm missing something that was not clearly documented. Given that containers are immutable, it's not like I can tackle this in the same way I would on a traditional VM.

Is anyone out there successfully running the remote loader in a docker container. Any tips?

  • Hi Baron,

    To Start the RemoteLoader instance in the container.

    > Login into the container. 

    > Type the command "rdxml -config <abosulte file path> -sp <password> <password>

    Note: the password field represents the remoteloader and driver object password that we want to set.


    By default, the RemoteLoader instance will not start. we need to run the command mentioned above to start a RemoteLoader instance for a driver. 

    If the config file is placed in "/etc/opt/novell/dirxml/rdxml" the RemoteLoader instance will start automatically when your computer/container starts. 

    If the remote loader container is corrupted or crashed the data within the container is lost along with the configuration files present in "/etc/opt/novell/dirxml/rdxml", so it is recommended to take a back up of the configuration files in the volumised location i.e., "/config" folder.

    refer the below document link,





  • Hi,

    Question, why is the container configured so that the RL will pick up it's configuration from /etc/opt/novell/dirxml/... and not from /config

    And also have a /log for the log files.

    And would it not be possible to provide an external tool which could generate the password files (or where ever they are stored) in the /config so that one does not have to modify the container - as with the next update one would have to do all of this again.

    The current configuration goes against containerization.

  • Agreed. I have been trying to figure out what all needs bind mounting outside of the /config locations so that configurations persist across reboots, but this linking should really be done in the image if the plan is to standardize on the /config path. Similarly, it would be nice to have k8s and docker secrets support for things like the remote loader and driver object password.

  • As per the documentation, /data folder in the docker host is used as an example for shared volume which is mapped to /config folder for the examples used in the documentation. 

    If a user wants to change the mapped location, we need to edit attribute while deploying the container itself. 

    In the case of RemoteLoader container change the mapped location of the shared volume as "/data:/etc/opt/novell/dirxml/rdxml/" instead of "/data:/config".

    This will prevent the user from starting the RemoteLoader driver instance each time when the container restarts.

    Note: User needs to start the RemoteLoader instance for the first time so as to set the driver object password and remote loader password. 


    As for the /log location, the user can create a log folder under the volumised path in the container and while configuring the RemoteLoader instance point the instance to capture the logs to the created folder so that it can be accessed from the docker host itself.

  • Thank you for the information, it would be highly appreciated if the documentation would be updated with this.

  • Thank you, . I will give this a try.