Driver is not reading relevant attributes which is creating problem to update attribute in eDirector

Hello ,

I have a JMS driver which takes input from application and updates the object in eDirectory.

For some reason I see in logs that one attribute "cdsPersonnelNumber" is not being read from driver and hence not being updated in eDirectory although this attribute is coming in input payload.


 <add-attr attr-name="cdsPersonnelNumber">


so this attribute value is some character "abc" in eDirectory  and based on application input it should get updated to numeric value "123" but in the logs I see in the section where it says "PT:Reading relevant attributes from" , there this attribute "cdsPersonnelNumber" is not being read and hence not being updated in eDirectory.



  • Hi!

    First of all I do recommend that you remove any customer data when posting in the forums. I suggest you edit your post and remove that data.

    Second, I think your issue is in the filter on the merge authority settings. Make sure application is selected. This will probably solve your issue.

    Best regards