First Contact Feedback: Container 4.8.1

I'm just in creating the identity containers version 4.8.1 and wanted to give some feedback:

  • IDM_481_idm_conf_generator image is a good idea (y)
  • looks like you cannot remove the engine container and recreate it from scratch - after that the container was unable to use the data from volume
  • I'm fine with having a single config directory which gets mounted into multiple containers
  • containers shouldn't do fancy HTTP redirects. E.g. the iManager shouldn't do any redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. I think it would also be OK if the iManager wouldn't provide a HTTPS port at all - IMO it's the job of the infrastructure to provide SSL
  • No, I did not use --network=host because: NO

So far so good. Looking forward



  • 1 for redirecting log output on some of the containers now (i.e. user app) to stdout for docker logs and other logging drivers.

  • Hello ,

    Kindly find the response for the feedback where you were not able to recreate engine container from scratch

    below are the steps which I tried and engine container is working fine. please confirm whether you have tried similar steps. 

    > Deployed the Engine Container using a shared location in the docker host. 

    > Stop the container. (This will free up the IP and the FQDN used to deploy the container)

    > Deploy another Engine Container with same IP and FQDN but use different container name " --name=<different_container_name>" pointing to the same shared location which has been used to deploy the first Engine container.

    > logged in the container and confirmed the configuration.