Network vulnerabilities in LDAP (port 636)

We have problems with vulnerabilities that our customer has found in the eDirectory's enviroment. The Tomcat related vulnerabilities has been solved, but hasn't been the same with the LDAP related ones.

This issues found by Rapid7 (the scanner used by the customer) are:

- TLS/SSL Server Supports The Use of Static Key Ciphers
- TLS/SSL Server Does Not Support Any Strong Cipher Algorithms

We have changed the ciphers used by ldap, but the connection stops working when we found some cipher that do not represent a vulnerability for the scanner.

The question is: Is there any ciphers that doesn't have this vulnerabilities, but are compatible enough to let the ldap work properly?
Or it exist a combination of configuration in the ldap section that enable the ldap to work without having this vulnerabilities?



  • Hi Santiago,

    I believe, that you supposed to get an official response from NetIQ, but at the same time, we do support "high" cipher.

    Did you try to switch to "Use High Cipher (greater than 128-bit)" and TLS1.2 and rescan?

    >We have changed the ciphers used by ldap, but the connection stops working

    Not every LDAP client compatible with TLS/high cipher encryption.

  • Not sure here why you put this under IDM engine and drivers, it seems like it would be more appropriate as in eDirectory question.

    What eDirectory version are you running? Has your Tree CA been recreated with support for additional ciphers? Have you created a certificate for the LDAP server to use?

    Exactly which ciphers are you trying to use? Do your LDAP clients support those ciphers?