Which driver supports PSExecute apart from MDAD & Azure Driver ?

Which driver supports PSExecute apart from MDAD & Azure Driver ?

  • The obvious driver to do scripts with would be the scripting driver. It is far better for it if you have advanced scripts and want an answer back on what was actually done.

  • Unfortunately, at this situation we dont have scripting license. 


    Any other options ?

  • The AD Driver (as opposed to MDAD) also supports PSExecute.

    -- Sam


  • Already replied to a "similar" question in another thread.

    Anyway, I can recommend Sneakycat CLE driver from Aleksandar Mujadin! (Aleks, thank you very much for your another great product!)

    You can run any app/script on any platform (Linux/Windows) and let Remote Loader execute your external app in own memory space (thus protect your Engine from the incidental crash).

    Right now I'm working with this driver for executing external PowerShell scripts that working with O365, AzureAD and Workday.

  • I've done a huge amount with the scripting driver over the years. I have grown to really like it. Sadly it is a separate license.

    As for drivers that support PSExecute, the original O365 driver also added support for this at some point in it's life. Microsoft still hasn't killed that API off yet in favour of the new (mostly) graph API that the AzureAD driver uses. We still have customers who happily use the original O365 driver.