User Application 4.8 - RIS

Yes I agree from 4.7 RIS is deprecated.

But I copied the RIS War and configured in 47 - Its working as expected. but when I apply the same logic to 48 its throwing the below error,


    "Code": {
        "Subcode": {
    "Reason": {
        "Text"" PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target"
Can anyone help in this ?
  • Verified Answer

    Seems like the Cert in use is not trusted by the JVM running the WAR. 

    Depends on the version of OSP/IDM you have since in later IDG based OSP's they carved out the application keystores into seperate files, but make sure that whoever signed the Tomcat and OSP keys is trusted in the keystore in use.