Userapp Portal missing Applications

Hello forum members

I have following issue. When I login as uaadmin on the userapp portal, there are some userapp applications missing. As example I can see only following apps. Under Home items: "Help Desk Ticket", "Dashboard" and under Administration: "Manage Teams".

I also reset the uaadmin rights, to see it this change something. Unfortunatelly not. The inxex for user application portal is also created but it also doesn't help to show me the applications.

As default i should have following items that are missing at the moment:

Home item:
HelpDesk Ticket, Request Access, My Approvals, My Request History, My Access, My Profile, Change My Password, Search User, Org Chart

Data Colleciton, Create User, Manage Roles, Manage Resources, Navigation and Access, Identity Reporting

Does somebody know what could be the cause of this issue?

best regards