JDBC Driver - One IDV Class - Two DB Tables synchronization

We have a rather strange situation with IDM JDBC driver for Informix,
which prevents us for successfully synchronizing few IDV User Class
attributes to a table (let's call it T2), which is something like a
child table of another table (let's call it T1).

So, to give you a brief overview - in the Informix DB, there are two
tables - T1 and T2. Both tables contain columns that we need to
synchronize to the User class in IDV. T1 has a PrimaryKey column - let's
call it USRID. T2 also has a PrimaryKey column - it is also called
USRID. T2 has also a ForeignKey column USERNUMBER, which is related to
the PrimaryKey of T1. T2 has also another ForeignKey column which is
related to the PrimaryKey of a third table. T2 has other columns as well
that we're interested in.

Now, we've added the necessary attributes to the User class, made the
necessary schema mapping, added the attributes to the filter, etc. And
the result is that we can sync T1 table's attributes successfully, but
we're unable to sync T2 table's attributes. The message in the trace

Unable to modify object. Table 'T2' is not a proper child of table

Well, since the T2 table has its own PrimaryKey, and many columns, we
suspect that the JDBC driver interprets it as a Parent Table, not a
Child, and therefore it gives the error message. Could anybody please
advise if this is the problem, and suggest a workaround (or solution).
We only need the Subscriber channel.


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