Query Workflow for Role Approval work entries; identify which role is being approved


These should be a common things, I just want to know what sequence of API calls to make to do them. Don't care if it's SOAP or REST. I know what I think I need but reaching out to the collective because bugs are preventing me from testing this myself.

I want to:

1) Find whether a specific role grant/revoke has been completed, is waiting on an approval, or has errored out. (getProcesses()?) ideally by a correlationID from another application.

2) If there is a pending role approval, identify the approver, the recipient and the initiator (actually I believe that's all returned by getWorkEntries() via SOAP)

3) In addition to what I get on #2, get the specific role that we are approving a grant/revoke for (is this the broken getWork() SOAP call?).

If anyone has any examples of getWorkResponse from prior versions of IDM that would be awesome.