SAP HR idoc future date processing


we are operating the HR driver now for many years with future date processing but have a requirement to get the booking circle even before the organizational assignment of the user occurs. User base data is processed immediately but the org assignment is set to the date when the new employee starts working. Therefor we get the booking circle also at that time.

Setting the driver to process future events is no option for us.

When I query the source attribute for the booking circle I only get the value if it is currently valid. Also no future assignment is visible. A query reports the same

Now I saw in one of the latest documentation that there is a driver GCV for future event handling:

page 73. It is not the general future date processing option at the publisher channel. 

Does somebody know how this works ? I don't want to upgrade the environment just to see if that option would help or not. Does enabling that option provide me a notification into the HR driver with the future value or is that information only sent to the business driver that I can add there as well ?

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  • Verified Answer

    When you enable publishing of future data immediately (and probably on future date as well) the driver "sees" future data as soon as it has been entered into SAP. Store it at the relevant objects in Edir and you can query Edir for future stuff instead of relying on the limited query capabilities of the shim.
    We actually do this for all SAP objects and do not bother with futer idocs at all anymore.
  • Hello Lothar,

    future and immediately processing is one solution I already thought about.

    But your answer brings another idea. Drop all future events with as simple rule (hopefully) and then use queries for at least one or two attributes I need earlier.

    Thanks for your tip,