Is oidpInstanceData still in use?

I'm troubleshooting a broken IDApps 4.7.3 HF1 here. Looking at this document:

the oidpInstanceData notes are interesting. I don't see oidpInstanceData being added to user objects. But, I have  a working IDApps 4.7 system where everything is working, and I don't see oidpInstanceData being added to user objects there either.


  • It appears to still be used.

    We have users created after upgrading to 4.7.2 (not sp3) that have the attribute.

  • actually had a bug in where users weren't logging out with a shared account would cause edir issues until the oidpinstancedata was manually deleted using ndsrepair -J sx sxw "oidpinstancedata" to remove it , it had grown too big due to incrementing data for it to process in an mixed edir 888/91x environment. Moving the master to 91x seemed to make it go away. ( yes , some prior individual didn't implement 91x properly, they added a 91x server without upgrading the master first