SoapUI getProcessesByQueryRequest

I'm doing some database spelunking with SoapUI here and so far have not figured out what the correct use of the Creation Time in the query looks like. As an example, I want to find all running workflows created this year. Creation Time says it takes a "long", so I guessed on it being CTIME.


<ser:getProcessesByQueryRequest> <ser:ProcessInfoQuery logic="AND" order="REQUEST_ID"> <!--You have a CHOICE of the next 11 items at this level--> <!-- Old creation times --> <ser:creationTime> <!-- January 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM --> <ser:value>1546300800</ser:value> <ser:operator>GT</ser:operator> </ser:creationTime> <!-- Numeric 0 is RUNNING --> <ser:processStatus>0</ser:processStatus> </ser:ProcessInfoQuery> <!-- Number of records to return. -1 is ALL --> <ser:arg1>-1</ser:arg1> </ser:getProcessesByQueryRequest>


This retrieves lots of workflows, some with creation dates in 2019, some with creation dates in 2015, 2017, 2018.

If I switch the compare to "LT", then I get nothing back.

So if it's not a CTIME, what is it?