AD Driver: Anonymous Send Email (SMTP) Fails


I'm getting an error when I have our Driver attempt to send an email through email servers (both dev and prod) anonymously:

Code(-9195) Error in[redacted]/utility/rep4DriverSet/ExchangeSupportDriver_prod/Subscriber/Welcome Email#XmlData:59 : Couldn't send email: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: failed to connect, no password specified?

I assumed anonymous email wasn't allowed on the prod mail server at first, but it is. I made a small Java program that uses javax.mail and it sends messages fine. So I used "tcpdump" to watch packets to the mail server and it appears that IDM doesn't even *attempt* to talk to the server over the network. Another oddity is that this worked prior to an update of our custom policies. No engine or driver shim upgrade--just policies.

I set up the dev email server to accept anonymous connections and I get the same behavior.

If I specify an ID and password it wants to make a TLS connection which isn't set up. I may have to go that route--but like I said this was working prior to policy updates.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? How did you fix it? Help!

eDir: 9.1.3

IDM: 4.7.2



PS: I'm a contractor / contingent worker for NetIQ but this is for my day job.



  • There are a couple of new attributes added to the notf objects in the last couple of IDM upgrades.  Wonder if you are missing one.  There was a Java error about not a number, for the timeout value. It is a pair of attributes.


    I think this bug referenced it.

    Bug 1159122: Error while using the <do-send-email> and the <do-send-email-from-template> policy actions is resolved.

    That is my first thought, I know you said no updates...  But still.

    Other idea might be, are you SMTP over SSL or cleartext? Maye the cert changed on SMTP server?

    You might get some insight from looking at the bug as your other hat.