Job Driver health runs every 10 minutes

Hi all. 

We have a productive environment with IDM 4.5.6 with two servers running IDM Engine.

On each server we have configured Driver Health JOB with a polling interval of 10 minutes, the schedule is the default (* * * * *). Thing is that in server 1 the job is running every minute, writing on the log, but in server two the Job is writing on the log every 10 minutes. This is specially weird because we have a Testing environment with IDM 4.7.2 and two servers also and we observe the same behaviour, job on server 1 running every minute and on server 2 runs every 10 minutes.

This is specially weird because the jobs are configured exactly the same, only difference is the server where they are suppose to run.

Reading through the official documentation i got more questions than answers.

IDM 4.5(Polling interval)

Polling interval: Determines how often the job evaluates the conditions for the health states, assigns the driver the appropriate state, executes any actions associated with the assigned state, and stores the driver’s transaction data. The default polling interval is one minute.

IDM 4.7(Polling Interval)

Polling interval: Calculates the driver’s transaction data that the health job will store.The default polling interval is one minute.

NOTE:This parameter was earlier used to perform the following actions:

  • Determined how often the job evaluated the conditions for the health states.

  • Assigned the driver the appropriate state.

  • Executed any actions associated with the assigned state.

  • Stored the driver’s transaction data.

I honestly don't fully get what the job used to do and now doesn't.

Does anyone have any idea? and also does anyone with a bit more knowledge mind to explain the difference between the two versions and if it's not too much to ask, the difference also between Job Schedule and Polling Interval?

Thank you so much in advance



  • Hi!

    to be honest I cannot truly answer this question, but I found, that the health job is not really using the  schedule configured for the job, but only the interval configured by the health job parameter.

    If I remember correctly, the health job even is triggered if no schedule is defined at all.

    So maybe if you provide no job schedule configuration it is executed at the same interval on both of your servers.


    Kind regards,