I have been searching through configuration manager and the
documentation, but I did not find any refference to the different URLs
sspr defines for the embeded services. Shure I can tray to find them one
by one, but it would be nice to have a list.

Can anbody provide a (full) list of URLs to the diffent services sspr
offers (like helpdesk, account information, etc.)



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  • As this question is pretty specific to SSPR (vs. the UserApp) you may want
    to post it in the SSPR forum:

    When you do, it may also help to explain more about the business case,
    such as what you want to do (specifically) when you have the necessary
    information, in case there is another way to accomplish the same goal.
    For example, is this meant to be an endpoint for some other web service?
    Are you fronting this with Access Manager and need them for that reason?

    Good luck.

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