Designer 4.7.2 and MacOS 10.15

Designer 4.7.2 or newer cannot be run under the current version of MacOS 10.15, released last week!

When starting Designer versions starting 4.7.2 under MacOS 10.15 a couple of security warnings/errors are coming up, but even by "allowing" all this exceptions Designer cannot run as expected. Even some editors (i.e. filter, data mapping, etc.) are not working and closing Designer is not possible.

According to support MacOS 10.15 is not supported and possibly will not even be supported by Designer 4.8!

Strange thing is, that Designer 4.7.1.x is working as designed - so I did some digging and found, the layout of the embedded JRE is different starting with Designer 4.7.2.x.

You can see this, if you show the contents of /Applications/Designer!

On my Mac I have two Designer instances installed, 4.7.3 and - I changed the -vm parameter in the designer.ini of the 4.7.3 instance to the full path of the JRE shipping with Designer and now I can start, work and close the curren version of Designer as planed!

JAVA is a strange thing!

Maybe you find this work-around useful. So far I did not run into any problems using the current Designer with the older JRE!


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  • Thanks for the tip! I'm running into the same issues, I haven't had a chance to to look into if further. I've been allowing the files in Security, it was getting annoying. 

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    I did some more digging and testing and found a work-around which will not depend on two instances of designer installed at the end.

    This is what I did:

    I installed Designer 4.7 in a different directory and patched it up to

    In the Designer 4.7.3 Directory I renamed the ../jre folder (just to have the chance to get back) to jre.bak

    I copied the whole jre Folder from the Desiger instance to the Designer 4.7.3 folder.

    In the designer 4.7.3 folder will be the Designer application at the same level as the copied jre folder. Right-click on that application and select show contents. 

    Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-17 um 08.24.56.pngIn the package contents you can find Designer.ini. Open this file and replace the lines 


    with the following code


    Now you are save to delete the temporary installation of Designer and start Designer 4.7.3.

    For me this is working so far, I hope M.F. will release an official hot-fix soon.

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