Synchronize photo to Groupwise

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I understand, that it is possible to use the GW admin UI to import/synchronize a user photo (either photo or jpegPhoto attribute) from LDAP to Groupwise, and that it is possible to utilize a REST API to achieve the same.


Now I am wondering, if anybody successfully used the REST GW driver to constantly sync the users photo to Groupwise as well, and if yes if there are any pitfalls in doing this.

By the way, can anybody tell me, what attribute number is representing the users photo in GW?


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  • Hi everybody,


    meanwhile I got my hands dirty on this one and came a little bit closer to an answer.

    The number/ID of jpegPhoto in the Groupwise system is 60013 and I configured my driver to map jpegPhoto to 60013.

    When I synchronize a user I can see, the driver composes rest operation on the 60013 attribute and is coming back with no error:

     modifyAttr>modAttr = 50089: 10115325
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.044]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>itemCnt = 13
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.045]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50091: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.045]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Replace attribute: 50091: Markus
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.046]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50319: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.046]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Replace attribute: 50319: m.meissner
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.047]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 60013: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.048]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Replace attribute: 60013: [some binary data]
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.057]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50096: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.057]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50058: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.058]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 58069: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.058]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Replace attribute: 58069: HAW
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.059]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50095: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.060]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Remove attribute: 50089: No values
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.060]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Replace attribute: 50089: 10115325
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.061]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: Modifying object [edir object name]]
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.064]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: Value of http Get response code is 200
    [08/14/20 09:46:34.066]:GroupWise ST:GroupWise: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><user><givenName/><givenName>M</givenName><preferredEmailId/><preferredEmailId>m.m</preferredEmailId><picture/><picture>[some binary data]</picture><title/><loginDisabled/><ldapAuthenticationDirectory/><ldapAuthenticationDirectory>XXX</ldapAuthenticationDirectory><telephoneNumber/><department/><department>10115325</department></user>

    so according to the trace, anything should  be fine - but GW admin does not show any picture for this user.

    Looking at the XML code, I can find  <picture> elements for removing and adding a value. So the shim seems to know that 60013 is a picture.

    I know, the synchronization of jpegPhoto is not descriped in the documentation and it is not send back, asking for the app schema, but according to what I do see in the trace, synchronization should work.

    Unfortunately I ain't a Groupwise expert, so maybe some one here is and can offer some ideas where to dig deeper.


    For me it is not a solution to use a driver to do most of the work and establish a separate process only to sync the picture!


    Kind regards,






  • It was a long time ago I used the GW driver and I have never used it for the photo.

    But I do remember that GW is picky about the size, have you checked that it reads the photo when doing it the manual way?