New Role creation under a particular container thro Workflow

Hello All,

I am trying to develop a workflow to create a new role under user selected container.

lets take Newly creating roles should get created under Userapp->appconfig-roleconfig->roledef->xyzcontiner->xyzsubcontainer.

Now i want to create request form that admins who are creating roles should select the container and provide rolename and submit, then the role should get created under the selected container. eg: if user selects xyzcontainer and xyzsubcontainer the role should get created under xyzsubcontainer. i am able to achieve this using picklists but i want it to be more simplified.

I want to display the containers same as the edirectory tree structure in the form, so that user can easily select the container by simply expanding it on clicking the symbol.

same as below:
( )----------> xyzsubsubcontainer

Can this be achieved in the workflow requested form? if so kindly suggest me how it can be.

Thanks in Advance.