4.6.2 is out

Designer 4.6.2: http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=r-YCOOF6Cwk~

  • Bug 1065424 - Successful Import, Compare, and Deploy Operations When a Policy has a Space in Policy Name

  • Bug 1057398 - Naming a Copied Package Accepts a New Name

  • Bug 1054546 - No Need of Adding a Trailing Slash in Update URL

  • Bug 548558 - Shared Library Objects Are Not Overwritten While Importing from a Configuration File

  • Bug 1026317 - Correct URL Provided for Downloading Packages in Offline Mode

  • Bug 1050233 - Correct Reconciling of Driverset Differences in the Linked GCV Resources while Updating the Identity Vault

  • Bug 1052712 - Designer can add new attributes to a class.

  • Bug 1050966 - No Delay in Opening a Policy in Policy Builder

  • Bug 1040796 - Role operations are successfully reconciled.

However, I've suddenly noticed some very odd GUI/display refresh behaviour since updating (openSUSE 42.3).... :(


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  • I had the same issue with NCP-based Designer and it, at least in that
    case, is a bug that will hopefully be resolved soon:


    In the meantime, I was able to work around the issue, as was at least one
    other customer, but adding an older version of Xulrunner (see Comment #10
    in that bug) worked to let me do the update finally.

    Good luck.

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