4.7.1 Released


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  • On 7/22/2018 5:36 PM, ScorpionSting wrote:
    > al_b;2484508 Wrote:
    >> Yesterday I found pretty strange situation:
    >> I had Designer 4.7, where I installed all available patches after
    >> release.
    >> Patch for Disigner 4.7.1 also was installed on top of other patches.
    >> Simulation of Query operation crashed simulation session.
    >> 6129
    >> Completely uninstalled D4.7, installed fresh copy, patched "directly" to
    >> 4.7.1.
    >> Simulation fixed.

    > Might have been one of those annoying issues, that shouldn't occur,
    > where the wrong plugin is loaded because there is no cleanup of plugins
    > during patching.... I think someone wrote a script that will go through
    > and clean up, but can't remember who or where

    Lothar. He even wrapped it in a Win32 executable.

    Can't find that, but the tool as a JAR is here.