Designer error deploying objects

I am trying to deploy object in Designer 4.7.1 to an eDirectory 9.1.1 tree running IDM 4.7. I can deploy items under the Default Notification Collection without error. When I try to deploy an item from the Data Library (for example, others like drivers do the same thing). I receive the following error: "The mapping table object name 'cn=servername,ou=servers,o=tree cannot be found in the eDirectory tree.

All of the information for the server is filled out in it's properties, like name, context, host address, dns name and it can look up the IDM and eDir versions without issue. I can do a secure LDAP connect to the server, log in with the same account that designer is using and browse the tree.

Is there something obvious I am missing? The built in designer trace does not really tell me much.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.