Helpdesk button in request history. Identity Manager 4.7.1


There is a button appended to each row in the request history view. When clicking that button some kind of modal window is viewed. One item in that view is a link to a prd named HelpdeskTicket. The HelpdeskTicket prd is a read-only prd in designer. When the prd is opened all fields are localized EXCEPT the information in the dropdown box called Type. This dropdown box displays information such as "History", "User Catalog" and so on. In other Words, they ARE NOT localized. In fact, this information is read from Resources created in the resource catalog by SPLITTING(!) the dn of each resource object and Reading the value from the second part of the cn!! Hence, not localized...
This is what i've found when digging around. Is this correct?
And. Is it possible to switch off all helpdesk-functionality in the GUI at the moment?