office 365 driver should install to DC or member server?....

Good morning,

I am going to install the office 365 driver, but a bit confuse with the
AD remote loader and which Windows server type I should used to install
the office 365 driver?

In the very beginning while we are not using office 365, only the using
the Exchange 2007 email system, I installed that AD remote loader in
Windows domain controller.

Then we migrated our email system to office 365, we have to study how
to install the office 365 driver so as to provision the users and groups
/ mailing lists. However, there is no server type specify for installing
the office 365 driver in the Novell related document. Can it be
installed in the same server ( domain controller) of the AD remote
loader? Or it can be installed in member server?

Besides, is the initial office 365 driver = AD remote loader but have to
copy lots of the dll related to office 365 driver under the path I
install the remote loader?

If we use SSO, we also need to provision users and groups in our
internal AD, provision users and groups in the office 365, any
suggestion for installing the AD driver and office 365 driver? The base
point is that the users and groups should have the identical GUID in
both the internal AD and the Azure AD.

Many thanks,


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