Generic File Driver and iManager 3.1.2 on Linux

Just so that you know:

iManager 3.1.2 has an issue with some driver configuration values. This issue was reported by carmelo on the Generic File Driver (, but I assume that other driver will have the same issue:

Scenario to reproduce:
1. Have a multiline string value on the shim
2. Put the following value
="http" (equal sign, double quote, the letters http and again a double quote). This produces in iManager 3.1.2 an error
When you replace eg the 'p' by a '1', it does not produce the error.

In the generic file drivers, this error is produces by the sample XSLT in the publisher and subscriber XML reader/write. Delete the values (assuming you are not using XML is input/output) and iManager works again.

  • Good to know; thanks for the heads up. Is there a bug in for the iManager
    plugins, where I presume the issue's root cause exists?

    Good luck.

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