Starting WoF with a parameter of type date fails

Hi all,
I am trying to start a workflow from a driver that among other
parameters has a parameter that is defined as date. So far I tested
different formats, but all I get is something like this:
{_Reason=Attempt to set value on Data item [fldDeleteDueDate] using
incorrect type; expecting [date] got [20160402081752000]..}.
Any idea what exact format is expected ?
Here are the ones I tried:
- Number of seconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 [!CTIME]
- Custom format yyyyMMddhhmmss
- Custom format yyyyMMddhhmmssSSS
- Language-specific FULL time format [!FULL.TIME]
- Language-specific LONG time format [!LONG.TIME]
All of these end in an error message similar to the above.

Any hint / idea / solution ?


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