Parameters limit for Java function calls

I have just discovered that there is a limit on the number of parameters
when you call a java function from a driver. For example, I call a java
methods with 20 parameters in a driver and I get the error message

> Message: Code(-9130) Error in ........
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: DOMEvaluator parser error: too many
> parameters for function call.

I did not find anything in the documentation about the constraints on
java methods call. So I made some tests and I deduced that the limit max
of parameters in java methods is set to 15.

My two questions are:
Can this limit be increased ?
Do you know where I can find all of the limits/constraints in eDiretory
for java methods call. For example, I would like to know what is the max
size of strings arguments)

Thanks in advance

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  • It would probably help if you showed us the trace as well as the function
    definition from your Java function and the code calling it. I, too, have
    never heard of a limit but I'eve never tried passing more than a couple of
    values unless I did so via an array. I've also sent pretty-large strings
    (MB-ish ones) through method calls and had that work so while I guess I
    can believe it's possible that that the IDM code could impose a limit
    somewhere, I'd be surprised if there were arbitrary limits on native Java
    class (String, etc.) sizes anywhere other than in how the system is
    impacted by memory use (a 2 GB string will overflow heap before you even
    get it created).

    Good luck.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer.
    I pass 20 parameters to the methods. Parameters values are simple
    strings with "normal" values (I mean not too long strings).

    Having made some research on this exception, it seems to not be a native
    Java exception but a Novell one.

    I think I will contact the support about this very special case.

    Thanks anyway

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