REST driver Certificate Authentication

Hi, I’d like to get some clarity on the setup required for client certificate authentication to a web service using the REST driver. There are hints in the documentation and in the forums, but we cannot get this working.

What we are trying to do is authenticate to a web service using certificate authentication via the REST driver. We have exchanged and minted certs and ours is in the cacerts keystore that IDM uses.

I believe we should use the TrustStore file as we are using remote server authentication, but no matter what configuration I use I get “401 unauthorised” errors.

I have attempted to use mutual auth as well with the same result.

So to ascertain it is not our end - I believe I have tried every combination with no success - for the auth model we are trying:

  1. What do we set the Authentication method to, Basic or Anonymous?
  2. If we set it to basic do we need to set the Authentication ID and do we use the keystore password as the Authentication password?
  3. Is using the TrustStore correct or should we be using the Keystore, and if so what do we put in the method/ID and password as above?

    Anything else I need to know that is not documented?

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