Category / Featured Items in Access menu - 4.7.2

I noticed something that at least for me it doesn´t look so good, maybe there´s a way to avoid this, or maybe this is an idea for future versions. I can add a new category in Featured Items in the Access menu and add some PRDs fine. Let´s say I add some rights in these PRDs. Any user that is allowed to see them will see the category and will see the PRDs. But if a user does not have access to see any of them, he will see the category and the message "No requests in this category". If you add let´s say 3 categories and this scenario happens to the PRDs in the second one, the screen doesn´t look so friendly to the user, it shows like a gap between first and last categories.

Interesting thing, this same thing does not happen in the Application menu, where for instance only the UAadmin user is allowed to see some categories and the items within it. A regular user does not see the category itself if he does not have access to see the items within it, the screen looks cleaner.

Thoughts? Is there a way to natively or forcefully hide the category name in Access menu if the user does not have rights to see anything within it? Has anyone tried CSS-ing it?