REST Driver and authentication by client certificate

Hi IDM community,

REST driver allows 3 type of authentication methods only (or 2, one is no authentication). Anonymous, Basic (Username and password) and OAuth 2.0.
I need to authenticate to resource by client certificate and I have no clue how to do it.
Do you have any experience with it? I found one post about that here in the forum but I would like to see an example of implementation in policies.
Could you please share more details how to add a support for this type of authentication?

Thank you in advance!

  • Maybe setting up mutual ssl will help you here.
    The Driver-Documentation will give you needed hints how to configure it. (You need a truststore and a keystore and signed certificates as this are standards for mutual ssl connections)
    Not in the Driver-Documentation: Set authentication to "Basic", set the Certificate-Alias as "Username", keep the keystore password/certificate password equal and put it in the password-field.
    There is no special code in any policy.
  • Mutual authentication works well for me. I set authentication method to Anonymous and just putted the certificates to the keystore. Easy at the end. The challenge was to get the right certificates only :)