Can we change Version of Package at the time of creating a Package

I want to create Driver Package with Version (which I want, not auto generated).

For example when I creating a package, it is created with version "" but I want package version is "0.1" only. So can I change it?

I am using Identity Manager 4.7 and Designer 4.7.

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  • Thanks for the response.

    How can we change the first bit like "" to "", please guide me for that?

  • When you create a new package version, the version number is editable until you finish the wizard. After that, you need to create another new version to edit it:

    - Right-click on the version you want to change and select "New Package Version…". This will create a copy of the existing version and start the package wizard.
    - on the first page of the wizard, edit the version number as desired. Note that you can stick with the existing one ao only the build timestamp gets changed. You can also increase the version number but not decrease it.
    - save the package, build & release without changing anything else.
    - (optional) delete the previous version if you like

    Obviously you should most likely NOT delete previous package versions if they differ in content and were not only created to fix an incorrect version number...