Identity Manager - Road Map

If I remember correctly, in May MF showed the road map for Identity Manager. NetIQ IDM 4.9 was to be released at the end of this year. Now I see an extension of support for 4.8 to 30 Nov 2023 (was 30 Nov 2022). Anyone know if there has been a change in plans?

  • Software development timelines are like the Pirate Code.  More like recommendations.

    I have no specific info, but likely just delayed as is to be expected.  4.8.4 was released in August. (Had to check, the new SLD site is a lot more work to look...)

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    Hi Kamil,

    You are indeed correct. We have updated our roadmap recently.

    There has been some streamlining to various releases. These efforts are focused on delivering value to customers at a rapid pace. We are striving towards offering Identity Manager as a service offering next year. Additionally, we also have several exciting enhancements & updates lined up. Some notable items –

    • Kubernetes-based deployment on Azure
    • Driver Policy Administration updates, including deployment automation
    • Identity Console enhancements

    These capabilities would become available as part of service pack updates. Stay tuned!


  • Wow!.  looking forward for it, driver policy administration and deployment automation sounds really nice.